The C15 played by …

Here you'll find collections of audio and video clips with musicians who spent time exploring the C15 and gave us the opportunity to record them. We will continue to present more artists and their approach to the C15.

Tim Sund
Tim Sund Quartet
Berlin-based keyboardist and composer Tim Sund accompanied the development of the C15 early on. See him playing the C15 on stage and in the studio. Watch the videos.
Federico Solazzo
Federico Solazzo is an Italian composer based in the Netherlands. He is a very experienced and versatile musician and sound designer who has been playing and making presets for the C15 since the beginning. Watch the videos.
Ulrich Wappler
Ulrich Wappler, a student of electrical engineering, was our intern for half a year. In addition to his work on the C15 hardware he spent quite some time doing sound design and playing the C15. Watch the videos.
Peter M. Mahr
peter m mahr a
Peter M. Mahr is a musician and synthesizer enthusiast from Austria living in Switzerland. He is playing, among a lot of other synthesizers, also a C15 and did some excellent demo recordings with it. Watch the videos.
Pete Farn
Pete Farn has always been a fascinating electronic musician, constantly experimenting with sound and sculpting it into strange and wonderful sonic worlds. And for some time now he is an avid C15 user. Watch the videos.
Audio Archive
Audio & Video Archive
Find some older audio recordings here. They do not represent the latest level of sound design on the C15 but can show some interesting facettes of the instrument. Listen here.