Tim Sund

The berlin-based jazz pianist and composer Tim Sund accompanied the development of the C15 early on. See him playing the C15 on stage and in the studio in the following videos.

More about Tim and his various band projects on his website.

Full Concert

Concert at Kunstfabrik Schlot, Berlin

Tim introduced the C15 to the concert stage by playing a complete show solely on two C15s. We recorded and filmed the concert with his inspired and expressive band at Kunstfabrik Schlot in Berlin in October 2017.
You'll find here the full concert as well as the songs separately. For a higher streaming bandwidth the concert video is also available on our Vimeo page.

The Songs


Inspired by a preset called "Wonka Lead". The aftertouch is mapped to pitch.

Asian Impressions

Inverted damper pedal function on the allpass of the Comb Filter. Ribbons on "Brightness" and "Shimmer".

A Proud Round Cloud …

Using the electric piano preset "Mark 1 TS“. Ribbon 1 on chorus, ribbon 2 on Cabinet (distortion).

Canvas Mirror …

Using the "Gituero" preset that reminds to a plucked string. Ribbons and pedals change the sound like switching guitar pick-ups.

Circuit Dance

Song inspired by the "Circuit Paradigma Lead" preset. Lead with aftertouch on phase modulation creating a vibrato effect.

A Rave of Color

Song inspired by the "Harper w FB" preset. Damper pedal on Comb Filter Hi Cut, ribbon on feedback, pedal on timbre.

Mungo Lassi Punk

Song inspired by the "Mungo Lassi" presets. There is a lot of feedback involved.


Electric piano preset "Mark 1 TS" with aftertouch on pitch for a slide guitar effect.

The Watcher and …

Variations of the "Keystaged" electric piano preset, using different amounts of feedback.

Serial No. 1

Inspired by the clavinetish "FM Comp Touch Wah" preset. Solo on "Brass muted vib" and "Hanc Ch Phaser" (aftertouch on pitch).

November Mood

Reminiscent of Joe Zawinul the solo preset has a reedlike quality (aftertouch on pitch). The pad is the "Charmin" preset.

Audio Demos


Soft Sine

Romantic Blech



Mark I

Mark V

Another EP

Clav M

Touch Wah FM Comp



Koto M


Comp Sync



Circuit Chick


Guitero 4

Steve Vai