Ordering the C15

The C15 is assembled at Nonlinear Labs in Berlin by hand and can only be ordered directly from us. For a request please send an email to:


Please let us know if you prefer to purchase the C15 or take advantage of our rent-to-own offer (see explanation below) and if you can pick up the instrument in Berlin. Please let us also know if you want your C15 in light, medium or dark beech or in pear wood. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Purchase or Rent-to-Own?

Our aim is to make the C15 available to musicians with any budget. That's why we offer purchase and rent-to-own. For our flexible rent-to-own plan, with a minimum monthly payment of 2 % of the purchase price, please see the section Rent-to-Own.


The purchase price of the C15 is 4000 €, including VAT (3361 € without VAT).

Beside the C15 we are offering a tailor-made flight case for 300 €, including VAT (252 € without VAT). See it in detail here. For shipping outside Europe the flight case is mandatory as we need it for a secure transport.

Additionally we offer to deliver a set of pedals (2 x Roland EV-5 and 1 x Roland DP-10) that we recommend to use with the C15 and that we are reselling for the purchase price.

Buy-Back Plan

If you purchase the C15 directly you will benefit from our buy-back plan for those who decide to return their C15 some time after having purchased it. The buy-back price is calculated by subtracting 2 % of the purchase price per month. Returned instruments will be refurbished and made available again.


Our rent-to-own plan is fair and transparent; there are no transaction costs, no interest, no complicated financing modalities. Here are the conditions:

  1. Flexible payment: any combination of rental (hiring) and purchase is possible.
  2. The minimum rate, or monthly rent, is 2 % of the purchase price. That's 80 € per month or 90 € with flight case and pedals.
  3. The monthly rental payments will be deducted from the purchase price.
  4. In other words, the instrument will be completely paid off within 50 months at the most, becoming the customer's property.
  5. Higher monthly rates are possible (any amount above 2 % of the purchase price). When the sum of the monthly payments reaches the purchase price amount, the instrument becomes the customer's property.
  6. When the sum of previous payments made exceeds the sum of the minimum monthly rates, the payments can be stopped until both sums are the same.
  7. The instrument can be returned at any time. The difference between the sum of payments made and the sum of the minimum monthly rates will be refunded to the customer.


  1. A customer buys the C15 and decides to return it after 6 months:
    4000 € purchase price − (80 € depreciation × 6 months) = 3520 €
    The customer returns the C15 and receives 3520 €. In this way, his total costs would just be a "rental" for six months amounting to 480 €.
  2. A customer decides to acquire a C15 with our rent-to-own plan and pays 1200 € when taking possession of the C15:
    He doesn't need to pay anything until 15 months after this initial payment (1200 € = 80 € × 15 months). After these first 15 months, he can return the C15 or continue paying a minimum of 80 € per month until the instrument is paid off (latest after 35 more months).
  3. A customer decides to acquire a C15 with our rent-to-own plan and pays 200 € per month:
    After twenty months (20 × 200 € = 4000 €), the C15 becomes the customer's property.

Pick-up or Shipping

We would like to meet our customers, and to give them a personal hands-on training. Ideally, this takes place when they pick up the C15 at Nonlinear Labs in Berlin.

But we can of course also ship the C15 to the customer. We will arrange a video chat before the purchase or the signing of the rent-to-own agreement and a longer video chat session for the training when the instrument has arrived.

Nonlinear Labs bears the shipping costs for the delivery. In case of a return the customer will bear the shipping costs.