C15 - Technical Data

Synthesis Engine

  • 2 Oscillators (sine wave, adjustable jitter/noise)
  • Phase modulation: Self, A > B, B > A, via the Shapers, and by the feedback signal
  • 2 Shapers (sine curve, adjustable folding and asymmetry)
  • Ring Modulator
  • Comb Filter (tunable, with allpass and lowpass)
  • State Variable Filter (2 – 4 poles, multi-mode, spread cutoffs, FM)
  • Feedback Mixer (4 inputs, shaper for the sum)
  • Feedback bus with 4 destinations
  • Output Mixer (4 inputs, stereo output, shaper for the sum)
  • 3 ADBDSR Envelopes, adjustable Attack Curve
  • Velocity amounts for envelope levels and all times
  • Note-off velocity can be applied to the release times
  • 24-voice polyphony
  • Split and Layer modes for two Parts of 12 voices
  • Unison: 2 – 24 voices, adjustable detune, phase and pan spreading
  • Monophonic mode, adjustable priority, legato modes, and glide time
  • Micro-tuning for the 12 steps of the octave
  • 5 Stereo Effects:
    • Flanger/Chorus/Phaser/Tremolo
    • Cabinet (amp simulation)
    • 8-pol Gap/Band Filter
    • Echo
    • Reverb
  • Parameter resolution: typically 1000 steps (250-15000 steps)
  • 6 Macro Controls, each can be routed to up to 185 target parameters

Keys and Controls

  • 61-key Fatar TP/8S keybed with semi-weighted long-arm keys
  • Two 800 mm ribbons (touch strips), each with 33 LEDs
  • Physical ribbons can be routed to two pairs of virtual ribbons.
  • Ribbon modes: absolute, relative, combinable with return-to-center
  • Lever (magnetic force loaded) for pitchbending and similar applications
  • Aftertouch (global)
  • Resolution of velocity, ribbons, bender, aftertouch, pedals: 4000 steps
  • Free mapping of pedals, ribbons, bender and aftertouch to the 6 Macro Controls

User Interface

  • 96 high-quality buttons for quick access to all parameters
  • Magnetic front panel foils are replaceable to support future synthesis engines
  • The base unit can be used without the panel unit
  • Graphical user interface, available in the browser on WiFi-enabled devices
  • Designed for mouse and touch input, unique zoom-and-pan navigation
  • Drag and drop handling of presets

Preset System

  • Unlimited number of banks and presets per bank
  • User-editable comment and color tag per preset
  • Search by names, comments and tags
  • Functions for comparing presets
  • Morphing transition between presets

Undo System

  • Unlimited undo for all user interactions, including sound editing steps
  • Undo list with support for multiple editing branches (tree view)
  • Change indication and comparison with the original parameter value

Continuous Digital Audio Capture

  • Permanent lossless recording of the digital output signal
  • Hours of FLAC-compressed audio (at least 80 min) stored in a ring buffer
  • Browser-based graphical UI for review, play-back and download
  • The states of the synth engine along the time line can be restored
  • Download of selected segments to the computer as WAV or FLAC files


  • Stereo line outputs, balanced by transformers (TRS and XLR connectors)
  • Headphones output at the front with separate volume control
  • Four inputs for pedals, switches or CV (TRS, flexible pin-assignment)
  • USB host connector for data storage, software updates, and MIDI
  • Directly connectable to USB MIDI devices
  • Optional MIDI Bridge accessory for connection to a computer
  • High resolution (14-bit) option for MIDI velocities and control values

Dimensions, Weight

  • Base unit only: 900 x 290 x 100 mm (width x depth x height), 10.5 kg
  • Including panel unit: 900 x 410 x 160 mm (width x depth x height), 13.5 kg