For those who love to play keys

The C15 is a keyboard instrument made for performing musicians. Its character stems from a puristic digital engine which produces a unique palette of sounds seamlessly spanning from organic and acoustic to experimental and electronic.

With its top-quality keybed, dual full-length ribbons, special pitch bender, and four pedal connections the C15 is designed for real-time performance, making it more like a traditional musical instrument than a typical synthesizer. It is resolutely an instrument to be played by musicians, not machines. Therefore it has no MIDI and does not contain LFOs or internal sequencers.

Like many classical instrument builders, we have chosen wood for most of the housing. The rest is made of steel or aluminium. The concept features a two-part design. The compact base unit is for playing and includes all performance elements as well as the sound engine and audio components. It can be easily detached from the panel unit and played autonomously.

The panel unit is for detailed parameter control and sound design. Its haptic layout is based on the principle of muscle memory. In addition, a graphical user interface can be displayed and edited on any device that has a browser and Wi-Fi. This interface is optimized for touch screens and can be intuitively zoomed and panned with common gestures.

Please see the Features and Technical Data pages for more product information. If you are interested to buy or to rent a C15 please have a look at the Order page.

Listen & Watch

A wide spectrum of music played on the C15 can be found on the Audio & Video page. Here two examples:

Pluck a Bell
C15 Photos
C15 Top C15 Front C15 Back C15 Side Base Unit Edit Panel Headphones Connector Central Control Area Magnetic foils Dark Varnish 1 Dark Varnish 2 Dark Varnish 3
C15 Top C15 Top

C15 - Top

C15 Front C15 Front

C15 - Front

C15 Back C15 Back

C15 - Back

C15 Side C15 Side

C15 - Side

Play Interface Play Interface

Base Unit

(without the optional Edit Panel)

Edit Interface Edit Interface

Edit Panel

Headphones Connector Headphones Connector

Headphones Connector

Central Control Area Central Control Area

Central Control Area

Magnetic foils for panels Magnetic foils for panels

Magnetic foils for panels

Drak Varnish 1 Drak Varnish 1

Dark Varnish

Drak Varnish 2 Drak Varnish 2

Dark Varnish

Drak Varnish 3 Drak Varnish 3

Dark Varnish