Preset Banks

In this section you will find the preset banks that are currenty available for the C15. We are constantly working to improve and expand the library. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to check back regularly to ensure your preset collection is up to date.

Pre-installed Factory Library (Backup)

If you want to restore all the preset banks that are pre-installed on the recently shipped C15s, you can download one of the backup files below and load it into the instrument using the command "Restore all Banks from Backup File...".

For a C15 with firmware version 23-26 or later, we recommend this file:

Factory Lib (.nlbackup, 2024-03-04)

For C15s with an earlier firmware version than 23-26, the backup is packed in this zip file:

Factory Lib Backup (.zip, 2024-03-04)

By unpacking the ".zip" file you will get a ".xml.tar.gz" file, that can be loaded by the "Restore all Banks from Backup File..." command.

Attention: This will replace the complete content of your C15. Please save (export) your banks before restoring the backup!

Preset Collection

An extensive collection of around 6000 presets can be downloaded here as a zip file:

Preset Collection 06 a (2024-03-04)

It contains the 15 NL Banks and many more banks from sound designers and C15 users, from the beginning until today. Not all of these presets are finished, but they show a great variety and can serve as inspiration or starting point for your own creations. C15 preset banks are .xml files and can be loaded into the C15 with the command "Import Bank from File ...".