The latest version of our collection of more than 4500 presets can be downloaded here as a zip file:

Preset Collection 04 s (2022-01-19)

It contains the 15 "NL Banks" and many other banks from sound designers and C15 users. Not all of these presets have been finalized, but they show a large variety and can be an inspiration or starting point for your own creations.

If you want to restore the banks that are pre-installed on a new C15, you can download this backup file:

Factory Lib Backup (2022-05-11)

By unpacking the ".zip" file you will get a ".gz" file. This can be loaded with the "Restore all Banks from Backup File..." command of the C15.

Attention: This will replace the complete content of your C15. Please save (export) your banks before restoring the backup!