Claudio Passavanti (Doctor Mix, Sunlightsquare)

Claudio Passavanti (Doctor Mix, Sunlightsquare)

Claudio Passavanti is a British-Italian pianist, music producer, and digital entrepreneur, known as Doctor Mix and Sunlightsquare.

A classically trained pianist with a strong interest in electronics and computers, Claudio began working full-time as an in-house programmer for D.R. Studio in Rome, Italy, at the age of 18.

At 20, he went on to study Orchestral Composing and Arranging at The Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. During this time, he recorded with the legendary John Patitucci and Dave Weckl for what would become his debut album, "After Hours Ritual," published by Sony Music Italy.

Returning to Italy in 1993, Claudio climbed the ranks in the commercial music industry, playing keyboards and producing records for several Italian pop artists including Zucchero, Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele, Alex Britti, Ottavo Nano, Gabin, and Brian Adams. He also participated in Sanremo's festival, establishing himself as one of the top session keyboard players of his generation.

In 2002, Claudio moved to London and began working as an in-house producer for techno label Almighty Records. Simultaneously, he founded his own company, Sunlightsquare Records Ltd.

With seven albums and numerous singles and remixes to his name as Sunlightsquare, Claudio has become an established artist in dance music circles worldwide. He performs at international festivals and clubs and has been published by several influential labels such as BBE, Yoruba Records, Brownswood Recordings, Dome Records, StudioCanal/Universal, and EMI.

In 2006, he launched as one of the first fully online mixing, mastering, and production services. Within a few years, Claudio was able to solidify the company, relocate it to commercial premises in Central London, and grow it into a five-person operation.

In 2014, Claudio started the Doctor Mix YouTube channel, where he demonstrates synthesizers, mixing, mastering, and music production techniques, as well as showcasing his travels as a DJ and synth performer.

As a digital entrepreneur, Claudio has harnessed the power of the internet to build a successful business, establishing himself as a case study for the creative industry and an inspiration for independent musicians.

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