C15 Dark Version

by Stephan Schmitt on Apr 17, 2018

C15 Dark
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Up to now we offered the C15 in beech and pear wood with transparent finish. The pear looks a bit darker than the beech with a reddish tone.
At Musikmesse we recently showed a version of the C15 that looks nearly black. It is built from beech wood with a very dark varnish, but still showing the structure of the wood.
This color seems to be very appealing to our customers. Currently only a few dark units are available, but we will order material for more.

C15 Dark Top C15 Top

C15 - Dark Varnish

C15 Dark Side C15 Dark Side

C15 - Dark Varnish

C15 Dark Close C15 Dark Close

C15 - Dark Varnish